A new project this year: Month by Month Roto Prices

Since April, at the end of each month I’ve been posting roto prices for all players. You can find the end of June prices here. Prices through the end of the year in a spreadsheet are here.

These prices are scaled so that the Top 216 pitchers and the top 332 hitters add up to the $6,240 spent in AL and NL auctions combined. Another way of looking at it, these are the hitters and pitchers and their prices that leagues would buy if they were buying this year’s first-half stats retrospectively.

In the past I’ve posted midseason prices, but this is the first time I’ve done month-by-month values.

What do they show?

First off, compared with the projected price, they show who has been a surprise and who has performed to expectations. Column F shows the dollar increase or decrease from May to June, a way of seeing who has been hot and who has not, but there is also information to be derived from comparing recent production to past expectations.

And, of course, most importantly, if you play 12 team 5×5 AL or NL rotisserie style you can compare the prices you paid to see which guys are earning for you, and which are not.

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