Table of Contents

This is the working Table of Contents for Rotoman’s Guide to Fantasy Baseball. It will be subject to much revision and include links to freely available material and that which is available only to Supporters. To become a supporter visit the Supporter Page.

INTRODUCTION: Can’t Anyone Here Play This Here Game?

#: The Basics: A Unified Theory of Fantasy Baseball

#: THe Contstitution: A League Divided Upon Itself Cannot Have Standings

#: About Friendship: Insert Random Randy Newman Movie Song Title Here

#: About Luck: Be A Lady? Or the Residue of Design?

#: Player Performance: What Happens.

#: Projecting Player Performance: A Primer

#: Valuing Player Performance: A Primer

#: Preparation: A Guide to the Offseason

#: The Best Day of the Year: Drafting

#: Execution: A Guide to the Season

#: Loser: Why Don’t You Kill Me?

#: Yoo Hoo Nights: #Winning

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