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Comparing the 2015 Tout Auction to 2015 Tout Draft’s Dollar Values. What?

If you order the auction dollar values from most expensive to least expensive, then overlay them on the player selection order in a draft, you get a dollar value for each draft pick. That’s what I’ve done with this year’s Tout Wars Mixed Draft (March 10) and Auction (March 21). (more…)

Some Category Valuation Observations for Roto Pricing

Rudy Gamble is running a series on player valuation over at, and he has lots of interesting things to say. One of the reasons for that is because he’s inquiring. He’s doing that most interesting thing, to me anyway, of trying to figure it out in public. The piece (more…)

The FanGraphs Auction Calculator

FanGraphs posted a fantasy auction calculator today, or maybe they posted it yesterday. I found it today. Enter your league parameters and it will give you dollar values for the players your league will be buying. That’s the promise. One cool feature is you can bookmark the URL of your league (more…)

Handling a Pitcher’s Slow Start

Rereading my post over at Shandler Park today, I was struck that it might be useful to look at the outcomes for pitchers last year who started the season off badly. That is, they had a bad April. But when I started looking at the spreadsheet my first impulse was (more…)

Mixed League Free Loot: A look at 2013 Tout Wars Mixed Auction

When putting together the recent series about how many stats the teams of last year’s NL Tout Wars league added after the auction, it occurred to me that I’ve never seen the same issue looked at for mixed leagues. So, I ran the hypothetical standings for last year’s Tout Wars (more…)

Comparing a Mixed Auction to a Mixed Draft

I’ve always counseled that a draft list should be ordered by auction prices, but also pointed out that in a draft you don’t have the opportunity to get any player you need if you have the money to spend. Timing is key in the draft game. So that each pick (more…)

Top 10 Most Misunderstood Fantasy Baseball Concepts: #3. Saves and Steals

We obsess about Saves and Steals. The Closers chart is a staple of fantasy baseball sites, and while no one lusts after one-dimensional speed guys, like Rajai Davis, our special roto-sense keeps us on the lookout for these hidden gems who can help us make a move in steals. But (more…)

BASICS: How To Calculate Draft Inflation

A reader asked about this at Ask Rotoman today. The link gives you his question and the full answer. Here’re the basics: In a keeper league (4×4 or 5×5 doesn’t matter), where inexpensive players are carried over from one year to the next, you need to adjust the startup prices (more…)