End of Season Roto Prices for 2014.

These are 5×5 BA prices for a 24 team mixed league. The top 336 hitters have positive value, as do the top 216 pitchers. These are the prices you would pay if you were having a retrospective draft, buying the 2014 stats today. These are first pass prices. They have (more…)


A couple of years ago I received a call from the accomplished and winning fantasy baseball player, Larry Schechter, who had it in mind to write a book that told all he knew about Winning Fantasy Baseball. Those last three words became the title of his widely reviewed and warmly (more…)

Roto Prices Through the End of August!

The latest monthly earnings report is posted here. Remember that these are 5×5 (BA) prices based on the full league budget of $3120 per team in a 12 team only league. These are made on the fly, so they give positive values to the Top 108 pitchers and the Top (more…)

End of July Roto Prices Posted.

A new format, for a good reason. This month we present the preseason price for each hitter and pitcher, and the end of month earnings for each. You can access the sheet here. They’re sorted by biggest dollar gains to biggest losers, which is a rough approximation of last month’s (more…)

Pitchers: Are Slow Starters Doomed?

On the flip side of the mostly undrafted guys who had great first halves, there is the list of the worst pitchers in the first half of this year. The 20 Least Profitable Pitchers of 2014 While there are some guys who were not bought on this list, the key (more…)

Pitchers: Does A Surprising Start Persist?

I recently wondered what to do about my Tout Wars pitching staff. During the auction I had followed my plan (one derived from empirical evidence) to spend about $55 on pitching, planning to churn and search for pitching values off my reserve list and waivers. The plan worked to perfection, my team (more…)

The JUNE fantasy baseball earnings report is here!

You can access it here. You probably knew that the top pitchers of the month were Clayton Kershaw, Felix Hernandez and Masahiro Tanaka, but did you know that three very cheap ptchers finished 9-11? Yes, they would be Jake Arrieta, Sean Doolittle and Danny Duffy. On the hitting side the month’s (more…)

Rotoman’s Agony: What Am I Supposed to Do With Perfection?

In the last two weeks my Tout Wars NL team has ascended, from 11th place on June 1 to fourth place today (yesterday I was in third). Then:   Now:   That’s a gain of 21 points in 19 days, but the gains were uneven. While I added four points in (more…)

The MAY Earnings Report

Who were the Top Roto Hitters in May? Who were the Top Roto Pitchers in May? Lots of power hitters had a great May, but so did surprise hot start speed guy Dee Gordon. Is anybody else surprised to see Dallas Keuchel near the top of this list? A few (more…)

At Work: The Fantasy Football Guide

We’re full on in production on the Fantasy Football Guide 2014, which should be out around the end of June. Which explains why we’ve been neglecting Rotoman’s Guide. But we’ll be back next week with May earnings and in Mid June with baseball stuff. Thanks. Share this:EmailLinkedInFacebookTwitterMorePrintPinterest (more…)