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BASICS: How To Value A Counting Category

An Ask Rotoman reader asked how to value some of the new categories his league is adopting. Rather than cruft up the answer to his post with technical stuff, I’m laying the basic steps out here for reference. All quantitative categories that value more work the same way, though it (more…)

You Look FAABulous! (Part 1, hitting)

Counting Last Year’s Free Loot in Tout Wars NL On March 25, 2013, the Tout Wars NL draft was held in the studios of SiriusXM radio in New York City. Nationally-known fantasy writers and experts auctioned teams for a roto-style league that has been running since 1998. If all the (more…)

Top 10 Most Misunderstood Fantasy Baseball Concepts: #5. Player Projections

I’ve been banging this drum for the past few years, but I still hear people say, “I like my player projections bold. Go out on a limb, fer Gehrig’s sake!” That was what Wilton tried to do. Don’t remember Wilton? Well, at Baseball Prospectus, before there was PECOTA, there was (more…)