End of Season Roto Prices for 2014.

These are 5×5 BA prices for a 24 team mixed league. The top 336 hitters have positive value, as do the top 216 pitchers. These are the prices you would pay if you were having a retrospective draft, buying the 2014 stats today.

These are first pass prices. They have not been adjusted to make sure there are 48 catchers with positive values. That filtering does make a small difference, but takes a lot more time. If you’re holding a restrospective draft, wait for the second pass.

The prices are a combo of Tout Wars, LABR and CBS expert league auction prices.

This year’s Top 5 Pitching Bargains? Johnny Cueto, Dellin Betances, Zach Britton, Jake Arrieta, and Collin McHugh.

The year’s Top 5 Hitting Bargains? Charlie Blackmon, Josh Harrison, JD Martinez, Dee Gordon and Jose Altuve.

But you knew that, right?