End of July Roto Prices Posted.

A new format, for a good reason. This month we present the preseason price for each hitter and pitcher, and the end of month earnings for each. You can access the sheet here.

They’re sorted by biggest dollar gains to biggest losers, which is a rough approximation of last month’s impact, but this format is the better for comparing a player’s preseason expectations with his earnings fluctuations during the course of the year.

You can guess the big pitchers for the month: Clayton Kershaw, David Price, Hisashi Iwakuma, Cory Kluber, among other big winners, but then there is Scott Carroll, who earned enough to go from -$23 to -$10. He’s still making you wish you’d never rostered him, but if you added him he was a very solid pitcher in July.

On the hitting side, Chris Coghlan climbed out of the negative, while Torii Hunter, who was starting to look like he wasn’t ageless, proved he pretty much is.

Gone in this report are the monthly earnings values. When I started this project last year I designed the data for the end of month values. As the year progressed I got interested in the monthly earnings and came up with a formula that derives monthly earnings from the Year To Date values. These numbers are relatively reliable, but because they weight each month played equally, a month with relatively few at bats for a player can distort his earnings in the later months.

I have to recompile the prices using the actual AB and IP totals  for each month. That isn’t happening today, but soon.