More Fun With Monthly Charts and Starting Pitchers

So, the “trusted” hurlers who fail in the first month bounce back some of the way afterwards. They don’t continue to be so dismal, thank goodness. But what about the guys we didn’t trust that much in the first place?

This chart shows the 15 starters who had the worst April last year, and how it went afterwards. Only Rick Porcello and Jason Vargas almost climbed out of the hole they’d dug themselves into.

Screenshot 2014-04-11 17.00.03Some of these guys aren’t starters, or didn’t remain starters for long. I own Edwin Jackson in Tout Wars this year, and am not sure that I can wait until July for the hot streak that will commence the moment I spurn him.

The chart of April Winners from 2013 shows a surprising amount of green, which indicates poor performances.

Screenshot 2014-04-11 17.05.41It’s definitely seems better to go with the pitchers who have a hot April start.

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