Top 10 Most Misunderstood Fantasy Baseball Concepts: #4. FAAB

A close look at how much of a year’s stats were acquired by FAAB in Tout Wars NL (hitting and pitching) and how they affected the fortunes of specific teams should be enough to convince anyone of the importance of FAAB. As will a recap of how much of each stat was added by FAABing:

Category    (% Added)
Runs (11%)
HR (9%)
RBI (10%)
SB (10%)
W (19%)
SV (25%)
K (21%)

Last year, Tout NLer’s hurt their batting averages and WHIP a little, pursuing the free stats listed above, and improved their ERAs a very little.

The takeaway here is one that is quite similar to the one that landed on when discussing the difference in what we pay for hitters versus pitchers.

If one is to gain ground after the draft or auction, it is easier to go after pitching than hitting. The target is larger. Of course, there are more hunters shooting wildly at pitching, too, so it isn’t easy.

How does this apply to mixed drafts and auctions? There’s way more stuff available after the initial rosters are set, which is why you should pay more more more for the most irreplaceable guys. Because plenty of $1 guys will be real productive, and if not there will always be guys to FAAB who might be.

But how much do the acquired players dilute the draft day stats in a 15 team mixed league? That will have to wait for another day.