$ Return By Position in 2013

I thought it would be interesting to take a look at what we paid for each position last year, and what the guys we bought earned. This is back of the envelope stuff, in part because of the relatively small samples at each position, plus the vagaries of position elgibility.

I assigned the players positions based on their 2013 earned values (not their drafted value), which is why the bottom falls out of the CI and MI markets. First I selected the Catchers, then (in order) Shortstops, Second Basemen, Third Basemen, First Basemen, Outfielders, and then the next 24 most productive guys were UT.

Also, the assigned positions are based on 2013 games played, not 2013 eligibility.

So, I share this just because I was curious, not because I think there are big conclusions to be drawn here.

Screenshot 2014-01-17 11.50.53

The grouping of MI with 2B and SS and CI with 1B and 3B puts those players on a more equal footing with the outfielders.

The biggest takeaway is that we spend too much for catchers. That has to be the fear of position scarcity talking, but clearly it is a waste of money to chase profits among a class of players who get hurt so easily.