2013 Earnings By Position

The spreadsheet that follows shows the amount of earnings by players at each position last year. The idea is to give some idea about the depth of talent that’s out there, so I also show the number and percentage of players who earned more than $15 in 2013.

The dollar values are calculated based on a 67/33 split between hitters and pitchers, predicated on a 24-team mixed league in order to scale similarly to AL and NL only leagues.

Obviously this tells only half the story. Will the projected earnings in 2014, upon which you’ll base your draft strategy, follow this same pattern? We’ll visit that issue a little later, after we have more solid bid values for the coming season.

Most interesting to me is the way the values shift for first basemen and shortstops between the 5×5 OBP values and the 5×5 BA values.

Download (XLS, 38KB)